The IEPL management does not make any unsolicited job offers. Public are being forewarned that some unscrupulous elements are making unsolicited job offers with intention of defrauding innocent people. Kindly be vigilant and cautious to such elements.
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Human resources are the most important of all assets in Indorama Corporation. The company in believes in nurturing and developing talent. The HR Mission Statement is:

To ignite passion and a sense of belonging amongst employees through appropriate HR developments processes and enable them to accomplish the business objectives of the organization."

To fulfill this mission, the HR objective has been to build higher capabilities amongst the employees. As a Group Company, IEPL has always strives to build its human resources with requisite competencies & capabilities and has implemented the following programs::

  • Structured Career Development Program has been implemented and so far six  batches of senior Nigerian staff have been trained and entrusted with supervisory and managerial responsibilities.
  • One batch of employees called WINNERS (World-class Indorama Nigeria New Energy & Rejuvenation Specialists) who have been trained through structured programs who have assumed the roles of Ambassadors and facilitating the implementation various organizational development initiatives.
  • Mentorship scheme has been implemented where the Mentors have been nurturing and guiding their Mentors for their overall development.
  • Structured Training Need Identification has been implemented and regular in-house training programs are organized through trained internal faculty members.
  • Special in-house development program I EXCEL (Indorama Excellence) has been implemented where senior employees are subjected to programs that improve their personal effectiveness and performance.
  • Scientific and structured performance management & appraisal system has been in place to consistently improve the performance of employees towards building performance driven culture.
  • THINK TANK and Quality Circle Groups have been trained in problem solving and improvement tools & techniques and have been working on various improvement projects.

Besides, in line with the Group philosophy, IEPL has been striving to create a work environment that encourages employees to work independently and create value for them and the company. The company has also put in place appropriate reward and recognition systems to motivate the employees to continually learn, effectively perform and get rewarded.

Employee Health and Safety

For IEPL, the safety and health of its Employees, Contractors and Contractor staff is of vital importance. The Company invests significant resources to reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe working environment. Here are some measures that the Company has implemented as a part of its health and safety policy:

  • Provide training and safety equipment: All employees are provided with appropriate and up-to-date training and access to development programs. This ensures employees have the right knowledge about procedures, are aware of hazards and hazardous conditions and know about the procedures to protect themselves. This helps them do their work safely and efficiently and helps reduce lost man-hours and accidents at work.
  • Providing medical facilities for employees and their families: Employees and their families have access to medical support, regular health check-ups and health programs through on-site clinics. They also have medical insurance.


  • Adhering to prescribed safety standards at the work place: It is company policy to conduct is operations and activities in a way that does not expose its employees to undue health and safety risk. IEPL ensures that all its facilities are appropriately equipped in order to minimize incident / accidents. The company insists on strict adherence to world safety standards and compliance with product and operational safety requirements. Employees have to actively follow safety guidelines.