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Tourism Sites

Nigeria has a wide variety of beautiful tourism sites to thrill any visitor. These include the following:

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch is located in Cross River Slate towards the Nigeria-Cameroon border in South-South Nigeria. The Ranch is over 1,524m, has temperate weather condition to ensure green vegetation and grazing of cattle round the year. The Ranch is a tourist delight as a result of its divergent attractions, such as natural swimming pool, horse riding, beautiful waterfall to behold, gorilla camp, bird watching, sporting facilities and accommodation.

Yankari National Park

Yankari National Park is Nigeria’s prime Wildlife Park with a lot of attractions for visitors. The park is famous for its variety of animals available for viewing round the year, especially during the dry season between November and May when the animals converge around the Gaji River. Baboons, Waterbucks, Elephants, Crocodiles, Bushbucks, Duikers, Warthogs and Hippopotamus are among the animals commonly seen at the park.

Azumini Blue River Rose:

Azumini Blue River is located in Abia State towards its boundary with Akwa lbom State. The River has become a resort for tourists because of the pleasantness it offers. The attractive features of the River include its crystal-clear blue water; canoe rides, sandy beaches with relaxation facilities.

The Long JuJu Shrine of Arochukwu

Arochukwu is a famous tourist destination with the Cave of the famous long juju oracle as a particular attraction. The Cave is believed to hold the long metal pipe through which the gods speak to the people. A traditional religionist would find the oracle quite an attraction. It is, first and foremost, a religious centre with a well-laid down administrative structure headed by a Chief Priest.

Ogbunike Cave

Ogbunike Cave can be described as the very wonder of nature. The Cave, segmented into sections, is found in Anambra State, few kilometers away from the Onitsha market town. There are different stories about the various sections that constitute the Cave. The stories are better told by the native tour guides.

Lake Chad

Lake Chad occupies a strategic location serving not only Borno State of Nigeria where it is located but also serving the three neighboring countries - Niger, Cameroon and Chad. The Lake, apart from serving the agricultural and economic needs of the region, attracts a great number of tourists. Of paramount interest to tourists is the boating opportunity and visits to the numerous fishing villages in the area.