The IEPL management does not make any unsolicited job offers. Public are being forewarned that some unscrupulous elements are making unsolicited job offers with intention of defrauding innocent people. Kindly be vigilant and cautious to such elements.
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  • Indorama emerged as the core investor in Eleme Petrochemicals Company Limited and declaration by Bureau of Public Enterprises and National Council of Privatization in 2005
  • Indorama took over the Management Control from NNPC on 7th August 2006
  • Timely execution of Turn around Maintenance (TAM) & rehabilitation of plants in first week of October 2006.
  • Commenced production and inauguration by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 12th October 2006
  • Commenced export to Europe, Asia and parts of Africa in March 2007
  • Successful completion of second TAM in 2008, third TAM in 2010 and the fourth one in 2014.
  • Turnover crossed USD 550 million in 2011.
  • Allocation of 7.5% of IEPL shares to host communities and 2.5% to employees by the Federal government of Nigeria in 2012.
  • New plant for PET production commenced in July 2012.
  • Commissioning of $1.4 Billion Urea Fertilizer plant in 2016.