The IEPL management does not make any unsolicited job offers. Public are being forewarned that some unscrupulous elements are making unsolicited job offers with intention of defrauding innocent people. Kindly be vigilant and cautious to such elements.
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Social Responsibilities

Social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate objectives. IEPL is committed to the sustainable economic development of the country and specifically the community it operates in. As part of its social responsibilities, the company helps facilitating the process of social, cultural and economic development of the communities around. The CSR programs and projects have been providing the citizens with opportunities to progress.

There are three ways in which IEPL has worked for this to happen:

  • Providing employment opportunities: IEPL has employed around 120 young men and women from the Host Communities directly on its rolls as regular employees, besides has engaged 500 on contractual terms. Further, during all the three Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) carried out in the years 2006, 2008 and 2010, the company had engaged around 600 men and women for variety of jobs on contractual terms.
  • Providing basic amenities and Utilities: IEPL has implemented Electrification, Drinking Water schemes, Road Construction, School buildings those have already impacted the quality of life of the Host communities significantly. The company has also launched various initiatives to promote agriculture for sustained economic development of the region.
  • Providing basic Health Care facilities: IEPL has been organizing various health camps to create awareness amongst the host community members on general health and also eye camps.