The IEPL management does not make any unsolicited job offers. Public are being forewarned that some unscrupulous elements are making unsolicited job offers with intention of defrauding innocent people. Kindly be vigilant and cautious to such elements.


At IEPL, we exercise the highest commitment to environmental regulations and best practices. The company places high priority on the need to preserve the environment and provide better quality of life for the communities. Environmental concerns have become an integral part of the development process within IEPL and the company has implemented the following plans to protect the environment.

  • Efficient management and reduction of waste: Efficient management of waste, minimizing the waste generation,monitoring and controlling quality of air emissions, and reusing, recycling and reducing effluents and emissions that are known to negatively impact the environment are some of the efforts in which it keeps a check on its waste.
  • Optimize resources: conserving electricity, reducing, reusing and recycling of products wherever possible are just some of the measures that the Company has implemented to avoid overconsumption and waste.
  • Certifications and compliance: The Company is determined to match international levels of environmental performance by stringently following all international safety and protection regulations. The Complex is certified with IMS systems - ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 9001 certified. In addition, IEPL also follows World Bank and local government environment standards for water and air emissions.
  • Green initiatives: Not only do we reduce our contribution to pollution through efficient waste management and optimization of resources, but also we proactively contribute to making the environment around us greener by planting trees and expanding green spaces. We also conduct environmental impact assessments to determine the health of the environment around us.
  • Educate employees: Employees are regularly educated about the environment, the importance of protecting it and how they can act in an environmentally responsible manner.

Employee Health and Safety

For IEPL, the safety and health of its Employees, Contractors and Contractor staff is of vital importance. The Company invests significant resources to reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe working environment. Here are some measures that the Company has implemented aspart of its health and safety policy:

  • Provide training and safety equipment: All employees are provided with appropriate and up-to-date training and access to development programs. This ensures employees have the right knowledge about procedures, are aware of hazards and hazardous conditions and know about the procedures to protect themselves. This helps them do their work safely and efficiently and helps reduce lost man-hours and accidents at work.
  • Providing medical facilities for employees and their families: Employees and their families have access to medical attention, regular health check-ups health programs through on-site clinics. They also have medical insurance.
  • Adhering to prescribed safety standards at the work place: It is company policy to conduct is operations and activities in a way that does not expose its employees to undue health and safety risk. IEPL ensures that all its facilities are properly equipped so as to reduce accidents. The company insists on strict adherence to world safety standards and compliance with product and operational safety requirements. Employees have to actively follow safety guidelines.